5 months Later

Here we are 5 months after the creation of my website and here we are 5 months after the pandemic changed our lives forever. 

Most important is we are still healthy and we are still trying to get back to our pre-pandemic lives although our family dynamic changed totally. Job losses, online schooling- everything is different now. 

In these trying times one thing which kept me going is paperweights. Paperweights and also collector friends... Taking pictures, posting paperweight related news, keeping Facebook pages alive and especially my daily conversations with fellow collectors have been one aspect of life which stayed unchanged. 

One thing we all realized is how important having a hobby is no matter how hard the times are. We all need something to think of other than the daily struggles. Paperweights are very important in my life and also a great escape. I am so happy I started collecting and I am so happy I have something which keeps me entertained and educated. Paperweights bring some kind of stability and some kind of normalcy to our lives. Give a paperweight to a friend or a child you know. It can change their lives. 

Hope you enjoy my website..

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