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Richard Loesel Roses

September 2020 brought us the first Crimp Roses made by Richard Loesel. This has been a project we wanted to try for sometime now. I personally acquired an antique crimp rose tool on ebay in the past years. It was Richard's wish to try to make his own roses one day using this crimp. So the little tool travelled to France and the first two roses made by the artist which were two great pieces of art. And just like that they were two yellow roses just like my name (Gulsari)  Richard was pleased by the results. And adding his magnificent butterflies brought a whole another dimension to this very old technique coming from Millville started by Emile Larson and Ralph Barber....

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5 months Later

Here we are 5 months after the creation of my website and here we are 5 months after the pandemic changed our lives forever.  Most important is we are still healthy and we are still trying to get back to our pre-pandemic lives although our family dynamic changed totally. Job losses, online schooling- everything is different now.  In these trying times one thing which kept me going is paperweights. Paperweights and also collector friends... Taking pictures, posting paperweight related news, keeping Facebook pages alive and especially my daily conversations with fellow collectors have been one aspect of life which stayed unchanged.  One thing we all realized is how important having a hobby is no matter how hard the times are. We all need...

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Welcome to my beautiful world of Paperweights

Since childhood I was always attracted by colors, forms and flowers and needless to say I was always a collector. Colorful paper napkins were my first serious collection. My elementary school friends will remember those days when we were exchanging  those wonderful colorful paper napkins during recess. I had 500 of them at one point. I was lucky enough to discover "paperweights"during one lucky trip to Goodwill store and here I am today  still intrigued and more and more in love with these treasures. Paperweights have become my passion and today my dream of opening a little store becomes true and finally I get to share my passion with you. I am first and foremost a collector and I enjoy everything about...

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