Welcome to my beautiful world of Paperweights

Since childhood I was always attracted by colors, forms and flowers and needless to say I was always a collector. Colorful paper napkins were my first serious collection. My elementary school friends will remember those days when we were exchanging  those wonderful colorful paper napkins during recess. I had 500 of them at one point.

I was lucky enough to discover "paperweights"during one lucky trip to Goodwill store and here I am today  still intrigued and more and more in love with these treasures. Paperweights have become my passion and today my dream of opening a little store becomes true and finally I get to share my passion with you. I am first and foremost a collector and I enjoy everything about paperweights. Paperweights are the most accessible art form available to general public.  Paperweight community is where you will find the nicest people: collectors, artists and dealers .. If you are on my page, I say a big "thank you" and I also wish you the best colorful journey in my world. Welcome!!!   I really wish your trip will be as amazing as mine.  


  • Dennis

    Looking forward to your newsletter and purchasing some of your weights. Good luck and the best to you. Enjoyed your talk at PCA Convention.

  • Terri Taylor

    Congratulations Gulsari! May this endeavor bring you happiness and success!

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